The 33rd annual Geelong Orthopaedic Society meeting was held on Dec 29th 2019. Our guest speakers were Mr Chris Harris, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and limb reconstruction specialist who spoke on deformity correction and Ms Carrie Kollias who spoke about burn out and psychological health on the orthopaedic surgery community. Many other presentations were given including by Prof Richard Page and Dr Stephen Gill from BORU and Geelong Orthopaedics. Other speakers included Mr Chatar Goyal presenting on our fractured neck of femur registry data, which showed we are meeting and exceeding some benchmarks for this common condition of aging. Mr Andrew Thomson presenting on his experience with a new knee replacement.  Mr Kevin Eng presented on the upcoming Geelong Orthopaedics clinical registry with a focus on the rotator cuff tear arm. Mr Graeme Brown talked about meniscal root repairs of the knee. Mr Ben Miller presented his results of his total hip replacements. A highly informative day was enjoyed by all, helping us keep up to date on the latest local experiences.