Coronavirus (COVID19) is a concern for us all. Here at Geelong Orthopaedics we are still working and caring for patients. We are happy to receive referrals.

At the moment elective surgery is continuing but is urgents only as of oct 14 (cat 1, 2) . Currently a negative covid test is required 3 days pre operatively and then you need to self isolate. Geelong Hospital has been designated an overflow hospital for COVID cases from Melbourne and we are already in crisis mode. We are therefore preparing for an exponential rise in and hospitalisations in Melbourne and Geelong . We have been told by the department of health that elective surgery is to be further reduced after October 14 to only urgent cases as our hospitals are filled with coronavirus patients.

We appreciate your understanding and patience in this time of uncertainty and we apologise for what may be substantial delay to you – our patients.

We have taken measures to reduce transmission including removing potential sources of transmission, telehealth, increased cleaning and increasing hand disinfectant availability for patients. We would appreciate your support in keeping our community as healthy as possible. If you have symptoms of a cold or flu do not come to our offices for an appointment until you are well. If you are in a lockdown or restriction zone and coming to us for care please notify us prior and we will arrange an alternative if possible. You must wear a mask when you visit us. You must check in to our state government QR tracking system when you visit us.

We urge the Geelong community to follow health advice. ( If there is any chance of reducing community spread we must try, in order to maintain peoples health and livelihoods. Please get vaccinated, wash your hands, do not undertake unnecessary trips into the lockdown zones, and wear a mask . If you are sick get tested and isolate until you know your result. Infection control; it is up to us.

The most up to date information can be found here at department of human services: . Stay healthy everyone and wash your hands, wear a mask and get vaccinated! Only together can we keep winning!