Here at Geelong Orthopaedics we have been watching the rising numbers of community acquired COVID 19 cases with deep concern. Surgery in Melbourne has been cut back and they can no longer do category 3 surgery ( . This often includes a large number of orthopaedic cases. This has NOT been applied to Geelong yet and we are still operating, but cautiously. We expect we will be included in this at some point to preserve resources for pandemic patients.

All of us acknowledge there is a significant risk of the 2nd wave appearing in Geelong. We continue to use telehealth where possible and have spaced patients apart in both appointment times and seating arrangements. If you are in a lockdown zone and coming to us for care please notify us prior and we will arrange an alternative if possible.

We urge the Geelong community to follow health advice. ( If there is any chance of reducing community spread we must try, in order to maintain peoples health and livelihoods. Please maintain a social distance, wash your hands, do not undertake unnecessary trips into the lockdown zones, and consider wearing a mask if you can. If you are sick get tested and isolate until you know your result. Infection control; it is up to us. Stay safe and well!!