Victoria has released a roadmap to leaving lockdown. It is based on scientific modelling, and we are grateful to those public health experts doing their best in difficult times. We are yet to be notified about a return to elective surgery. Please note, even with a return there may be restrictions or limited activity. This is sensible as many outbreaks have been linked to hospitals, and care should be taken when releasing restrictions to prevent further risk.

In the meantime – please follow lockdown advice so our numbers can be bought down as low as possible. Leave the house for allowed reasons only. Together we can keep community transmission low. (

Under the stage 3 restrictions there are only four reasons that you can leave home: 

  • to shop for food and necessary goods or services
  • to provide care, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment
  • to exercise or for outdoor recreation
  • for work or education, if you can’t do it from home