Prof Richard Page is delighted to announce the a major international collaborative grant (NHMRC-NIHR) with colleagues in Australia and the UK to assess the best type of total shoulder replacement for shoulder arthritis for patients with a specific shaped glenoid (or socket). 

Fellow Geelong Orthopaedic Surgeons Mr Graeme Brown and Mr Kevin Eng will also be collaborating on this international research. Shoulder pain and arthritis are major causes of disability in the community. Shoulder replacement surgery is the fastest growing type of joint replacement globally for end stage arthritis of the shoulder.

“This is an exciting opportunity to build an evidence base for the best surgical management of shoulder osteoarthritis. Shoulder replacement surgery is the fastest growing type of joint replacement globally and quality evidence is needed to guide treatment in this significantly disabling disease.”  

The randomised controlled study will recruit 450 patients over 60 years of age nationally and assess their outcomes over 5 years.

This is one of a number of research projects that Geelong Orthopaedic surgeons are engaged in, leading and collaborating with Surgeons around the country under the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) and the AOA National Joint Replacement Registry. 

This enables our surgeons to bring the best available care to our patients, based on the best available evidence, Professor Page stated.