Our Geelong Orthopaedics team of surgeons is involved in teaching across all levels of medical and surgeon education. 

All the surgeons are involved in teaching medical, nursing and allied health staff from the undergraduate level, through basic residency, registrarship and subspecialty training. We all lecture at Deakin University, providing surgical and clinical perspective on the basic sciences that medical students learn. We then teach the students within the hospital guiding them through patient consultations and surgical skills.

After medical school we run a program of supervised training of doctors in our hospital. We also train our future surgeons with weekly meetings and patient contact, and our Geelong surgeons have been involved in the establishment and ongoing lecturing to our trainees in the now national “bone school” program for training orthopaedic surgeons.

We work together to constantly audit our work in both private and public sectors to make sure we are up to date and our surgical results are scrutinised. Our peer review system is robust with both weekly review meetings and a monthly audit, followed by an annual audit. This leads to constant improvement in our performance.