Our annual Victorian branch meeting was held at cape schank on the weekend of 22/23rd Feb. Mr Kevin Eng and Prof Richard Page were asked to speak. Mr Eng gave a talk on the use of reverse shoulder replacement in cuff deficient shoulders. Its main indication is in those patients who have irrepairable rotator cuff tears, and/or decentering or arthritis, and have significant loss of motion, or pseudoparalysis. Age under 65 probably presents a higher risk of complication and revision, confirmed by results from our national joint registry which were also presented. Technical tips were also discussed and generated good discussion.

A round table discussion was also had regarding cultural change in orthopaedic surgery, and how we can progress inclusion of more female surgeons in our profession. It was chaired by Dr Avanthi Mandaleson our Victorian Orthopaedic Womens Link, who trained in Geelong for a year. Topics included training, flexibility, job satisfaction, mentorship, overcoming inherant and structural bias and bullying. Our association is building change at all levels.